Our team has a wide experience with the Postgres ecosystem and its infrastructure, which makes possible for us to provide help in many different ways.

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Pre-arranged Projects Define the duration and the scope of the project before to start it

Large scope Our multidisciplinary team can work in a huge amount of subjects, althoug always around Postgres!

Customer experience They highly recommend us!


Fast, reliable
and live migrations

Oracle to Postgres migrations

OnGres can help you migrate from Oracle without any downtime or data loss. We enable continuous replication from Oracle to Postgres until all your data is in sync and cut over to Postgres. We perform live migrations, we can do it on-prem or cloud. We adapt to your needs! The resulting Postgres architecture will be optimized by our experts.

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Zero Downtime We do live migrations with near zero downtime.

Adapt Your schema to Postgres using our expertise.

Fast and consistent migration of your data.

Assistant with the application migration code.

Low impact on your production environment

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