Professional Services

We take care of your
Postgres and all its infrastructure

Our Professional Service team is made up of Postgres DBAs and DevOps, which allows us to help you not only with your Postgres core, but with full ecosystem around it.

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Postgres Stack We can help you with all the Postgres ecosystem to superpower your database.

IaC Infrastructure as Code is the way we work.
Automatization. Automatization. Automatization.

Cloud Infrastructure Customers in the main Cloud providers, our daily basics.

Kubernetes Yes, we run and manage Postgres on Kubernetes.
Also, we develop Stackgres, Postgres on Kubernetes.

SQL Optimization Performance optimizations and SQL review to improve your SQL queries as much as possible.

Our Models

We have a plan that fits your needs

  • Production support issues
  • Direct communication channel
  • Reactive support
  • No access to customers systems
    • Quick onboarding
Recommended Plan


Everything included in Support, plus:

  • DevOps + DBA team
  • Proactive Monitorization
  • Consulting
  • Architecture recommendations
  • High Availability (HA) Design
  • Performance optimization and queries

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A good way to start

We can analyze your infrastructure and Postgres databases looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Look at all that is included, and you can get it from only $3.500 in a closed package.

Postgres Health-Check includes:
  • Architecture - General observations and recommendations
  • High Availability implementation advises
  • Connection Pooling configuration review
  • Disaster Recovery Plan / Backups
  • Monitoring system
  • Logging configuration
  • Resources capacity
  • Postgres features and tuning, including:
    • Configuration review
    • Maintenance settings
    • Performance insights
    • Bloat analisys
    • Index analysis (unused, etc)
    • Table sizes, partitioning considerations
    • Global cache effectivity
  • Postgres security revision

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Anything you need related to the Postgres ecosystem we can help.