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DevOps Engineer

About the work

As a DevOps engineer, you will be part of the Professional Services team, responsible for handling our internal and customers’ infrastructure and its provision and deploy automation in multi-cloud ecosystems.

You’ll be a key piece of our company for implementing Postgres over complex and high-performance production environments.

Think of IaC for setting up Postgres with high availability and automated failover, automated backups and restores, monitoring, distributed logging and many other bells & whistles that enterprise Postgres workloads require. Mostly on cloud and K8s, also on-premise.

All the work we do returns to the community, as open-source and/or knowledge sharing.

About the Team

We like open source, we develop open-source software, and we are very active and well known at the Postgres community. We build very innovative projects in the Postgres ecosystem and we are the founders of Fundación PostgreSQL and Postgres Ibiza.

The OnGres team is composed of three main profiles:

  • DBA experts from Postgres, many of whom are Speakers at Postgres conferences around the world.
  • DevOps with experience. Troubleshooters, with automation in your heart and Linux as your world.
  • Java programmers with deep experience in Postgres. To create tools around Postgres.


In order to be successful, you will need to bring your skills and knowledge around our main tech stack:

  • We have extensive experience in Terraform to manage infrastructure, and Ansible to the automatically configuration in a controlled and repeatable way. Although, we consider infrastructure experience and lean code practice more important than specific technical knowledge.
  • Bring AWS CDK expertise to impress us!
  • Infrastructure Architecture knowledge, particularly on AWS, GCP, and Azure.
  • We are using more and more Kubernetes. Container technology knowledge is required.
  • Regarding Databases, we require Postgres, as we are an “ON postGRES” company. Although we accept people with strong Database concepts, particularly on Relational.
  • Strong Linux/*nix knowledge.
  • You are a team player who values sharing and collaboration over solo plays. Really, we value teamwork abilities over other skills.

We have a multi-cloud environment, so would be great if you have experience with AWS, Azure or GCP.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience with Postgres, your new colleagues, and our internal training will help you to acquire all the knowledge you will need. You just need to have the will to learn a lot and fast.

DevOps Engineer
Extra Balls

You will learn on the job many of the other tech pieces we use. Of course, it will be easier if you are already familiar with them:

  • Git to manage all the code. We expect you are well familiar with Git workflows, and GitOps.
  • Other Configuration Management tools: Chef, Puppet...
  • SQL, it would be great if you are familiar with it.
  • Programming/scripting: Bash, etc. A plus if you know some Java or Python.
  • English: Almost all of our clients are international, so we work in English. The official language of the company is English. A basic work communication proficiency is required, we’ll take care of unrust your English through permanent training. On a daily basis, you will probably speak Spanish with your Spanish-speaking colleagues in our Madrid office, iff no other non-Spanish speakers or colleagues are not present. But all written communication, code and documentation is in English.
  • Full-time contract and a competitive salary.
  • Awesome office in Alcobendas area, trendy and comfy. It has two terraces, a swimming pool and an arcade machine. Our office freeze is full of Spanish delicatessen, and we even have a wine cooler if you are a fancy Spanish wine lover -- once in a while, Argentinian wines will wildly appear.
  • We expect you to work at our office, although working hours are flexible and you can work remotely when needed.
  • You could choose your brand new laptop with OS of your choice (we recommend you to use Linux; MacOS worst case).
  • Attend conferences as a listener, and we will encourage you to be a speaker. Also, we organize PGIBZ where the whole team will attend in 2020 (like we did in 2019).
  • You can join our volleyball team, who is expected to compete Torneo Voley Playa Suances in July 2020.
  • Challenging projects to work and grow with, using the latest technologies in a friendly and positive environment. We are a team and behave like such.

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