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A little intro

OnGres was founded after many years of working with Postgres, building products based on Postgres, and helping customers with their Postgres infrastructures.
As the name says, the core of our business is Postgres databases.

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OnGres Office
OnGres Office
OnGres Office
OnGres Office
OnGres Office

Mission, Vision, Values

To bring Postgres to an enterprise-ready level and expand its use in the world is the core of our activities.


Our mission is clear: to provide professional services and products based on Postgres.


Generates an ecosystem of tools that complement the great reliability and security that Postgres gives your business.


We believe in people, team working and the quality of our work, giving back our value to the Open Source Postgres community in different ways.

Our team

Meet the passionate OnGres professionals

The OnGres engineer team is composed of three main profiles:

  • DBA experts from Postgres, many of whom are Speakers at Postgres conferences around the world.
  • DevOps with experience. Troubleshooters, with automation in their heart and Linux as their world.
  • Java programmers with deep experience in Postgres. To create tools around Postgres, such as SCRAM authentication for the official Postgres JDBC driver. And StackGres Operator.
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Álvaro Hernandez, Founder & CEO

Álvaro Hernández

Founder & CEO

César Calvo, Co-Founder & CFO

César Calvo

Co-Founder & CFO

Diana Rodríguez, HR & Business

Diana Rodríguez

HR & Business

Product Team

Matteo Melli, Tech Lead

Matteo Melli

Tech Lead

Jorge Solórzano, Software Engineer

Jorge Solórzano

Software Engineer

Luis García, Frontend Developer

Luis García

Frontend Developer

Professional Services Team

Emanuel Calvo, Tech Lead

Emanuel Calvo

Tech Lead

Daniel Molina, Engineer Manager

Daniel Molina

Engineer Manager

Gerardo Herzig, Database Engineer

Gerardo Herzig

Database Engineer

Anthony Sotolongo, Database Engineer

Anthony Sotolongo

Database Engineer

Daymel Bonne, Database Engineer

Daymel Bonne

Database Engineer

Sergio Ostapowicz, DevOps

Sergio Ostapowicz


Kadaffy Talavera, DevOps

Kadaffy Talavera


Our Places

OnGres places map
  • Madrid, Spain

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • New York, USA

  • Santiago, Chile

  • Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Meet our partners

Find out who we work with

We have generated agreements at a strategic level with different partners to jointly and complementarily address the projects and needs of our clients.

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Join our team

Do you want to join us? We're hiring!

If you want to learn and grow, both professionally and personally, as part of one of our teams, check out our offers.

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StackGres: Una distribución de Postgres nativo sobre Kubernetes, con administrador de bases de datos autónomo

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Research and Development Projects


The Community of Madrid has granted us a subsidy aimed at hiring staff through the European social fund and within the strategy of entrepreneurship and youth guarantee employment.

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The EMPLEA-2016 program has granted us a subsidy aimed at hiring technologists for R&D-related activities.

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