Beyond jsonb: a generalized, unstructured data type for Postgres
Álvaro Hernández Aug 6, 2020 6 min read

jsonb supports, unsurprisingly, JSON jsonb is, undeniably, king. It is a very flexible data type, that allows for unstructured/schema-less storage. It has very powerful indexing mechanisms, and its internal representation is reasonably compact and efficient.

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Having lunch with PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Json
Álvaro Hernández Apr 19, 2019 12 min read

On a post titled “Postgres JSON, Developer Productivity, and The MongoDB Advantage”, Buzz Moschetti discussed about PostgreSQL’s handling of JSON and how (inconvenient) it is for developers, especially when compared to MongoDB. While the post is almost 18 months old, the principles described there have not changed, and I (mostly) respectfully disagree. Here is my opinion on the topic. Let’s see what there is on today’s menu.

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