This is our Cookies Policy

Cookies, What are they?

A cookie is a file or a device that is downloaded into the user's PC or device when entering some websites, in order to store and retrieve information on the terminal. Among other functions, it allows to store and retrieve info on the user's web browsing habits, in order to improve the service.

What kinds of cookies are there?

Depending on the entity that manages the domain from which cookies are sent and treats data, two types can be pointed:

  • Own cookies : those that are sent to your device from our servers
  • Third-party cookies : those that are sent to your device from a collaborating entity's server, such as Google or Facebook

Depending on the amount of time for which the cookies are stored in the client's browser, there are:

  • Session cookies: those that are active while the user is browsing the site or for a requested service.
  • Persistent cookies: those that are stored for a certain time period in the user's device, accessible only when the user connects to the website.

Depending on the purpose of the gathered data:

  • Technical cookies: those that are necessary for the website to work and for the services to be provisioned
  • Personalization cookies: those that allow the user to enter the service with some predefined features, following some criteria on the user's device (language, browser type...)
  • Analysis cookies: those that allow tracing and statistical analysis of the behaviour of the set of users of the website to which the cookie is linked
  • Advertising cookies: those that allow to manage the ad spaces in the website, app or platform from which the requested service is being provisioned
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: those that store info on user's behaviour obtained via the user's web browsing habits, which allows to generate a specific profile to show ads.

¿What cookies are used at ?

Analysis cookies, for the tracing and statistical analysis of the behaviour of the set of users. This information is anonymous, and it's only needed for statistical purposes.

This cookies policy can be subject to modifications.

How can I change the cookies configuration?

The user can give his consent to the usage of cookies or revoke it any time using his browser, through which he can allow, constraint, block or delete the cookies used from our website.

The way of doing this will be different depending on the type of browser used for the navigation. You can find the necessary information for each browser in the following links:

Besides that, the user can also manage the storage of cookies in his browser and their deactivation through tools like: