Postgres Configuration for Humans

Your tool to interact with the Postgres configuration, where you can manage all your postgresql.conf configurations and find all the documentation and help you need about all the parameters. This is a free service, forever!

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PostgresqlCO.NF Manage


Upload your postgresql.conf files and edit, delete and validate parameters just from your web browser. Or via API.

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PostgresqlCO.NF Documentation


At PostgresqlCO.NF you can find all the Postgres configuration parameters in one place. Translated to English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Russian (and Spanish soon!)

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PostgresqlCO.NF Tuning Guide

Tuning Guide

A guide on how to tune postgresql.conf parameters depending on your level of experience.

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PostgresqlCO.NF Developers


A complete REST API to manage your configurations and be able to do it programmatically.

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PostgresqlCO.NF Configuration Snippet

Configuration Snippet

This script will identify all the usages you do of postgresql.conf parameters in your blog post and will automatically highlight them such that when you hover you will see additional information about that parameter.

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PostgresqlCO.NF Parameter Snippet

Parameter Snippet

Now you can add a snippet to your blog/website and link to your public configuration. You have easy access to the documentation of each parameter and other features like copying parameters in plain text, allowing to paste directly into a postgresql.conf file.

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